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'Delightfully clever punchlines... He endears himself with an engaging if unusual style of language. Wordy but accessibly so, he throws in sneaky puns and well-hidden one-liners that reward the attentive listener without alienating anyone that missed them. It’s clever stuff.

Chortle, 2014

'Apparently ‘Infra dig’ is Latin for ‘beneath one’s dignity’. Danny Ward is trying to determine what exactly this might mean. With onion goggles, dust slippers and a device for vertically applying socks that should feature on Dragon’s Den, this is observational comedy at its most pragmatic and endearing. Aimed at anyone who once felt something was beneath them, only to later discover this could not be further from the truth, this show is appropriate for pretty much everyone ever. Both slightly posh (Ward was Head Boy, don’t forget) and rough around the edges, this show is reassuring and enjoyable. Enjoy a dose of ‘we’re all in this together’ with this comforting, hilarious and slightly daft hour of respite from dignity.' Rating 4/53 Weeks, 2014

Danny Ward Infra Dig *****

'This show was very funny indeed. It was quite refreshing to hear a comedian who does not have to rely on swearing or sexual innuendo as material (not that I am a prude). The show is all about Danny’s bad back and the mis-haps he has endured with his back, but also takes you off on other tacks with stories about a well known shop, a well known hotel and various other places all connected to Danny’s bad back.

There were moments where I felt bad for laughing at the mis-haps, but I found myself not able to stop  laughing.  With a little bit of audience participation thrown in for good measure (indeed the ladies sitting in front of me chatted to Danny about their awful experience at a hotel Danny himself was talking about!)

A thoroughly entertaining show lots of laughter, great stories and amazing what you can do with spaghetti spoons.'

The Edinburgh Reporter, 2014




"This outstanding stand-up show started with a literal bang, as Danny Ward bounded onstage with a triplet of party poppers; and the high energy level continued throughout.


The highly-strung Ward talked about his personal struggles with stress and anxiety, and explored the possible causes. From huge rants about Rimmel and the real ‘London look’ (think ‘sweaty commuter’), to demonstrations of his Buddhist coping techniques, Ward had the audience in stitches....evident practice also meant the show was slick, quick, and packed with funny material.


A perfect recipe for fighting stress".



3 Weeks,

Saturday 24th August 2013



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